My Gear

Want to know what equipment I use for all my visuals? Well look no further. I keep no secrets. 

Bellow is everything that I use to create the art that I do, along with a explanation of why I use said equipment. So, have a good nose, and If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.


Sony A7C

The power of a full frame Camera in a compact body.

This little beauty is the perfect compromise between price-to-performance and easy to carry, while not losing out on high end features.

This Camera is used for Astrophotography, Street and Landscaped photography, along with portraits and general use.

Kodak EasyShare C330

Released in 2005, and found in the attic, this is my daily point and shoot. 

Now, this may seem like quite the odd camera to use due to it's age, small 4mp resolution sensor that is poor in bad lighting, and lack of storage, but this is exactly why I use it.

The rawness of the images helps to give the photos a nostalgic vibe that mentally blasts you back to a simpler time, while the lack of storage and slower shutter speed makes you really think about what you are capturing.