Image of Meyrick Tilley

Image Of Meyrick Tilley, taken by Meyrick Tilley, placed on this website due to the lack of images Meyrick Tilley has of themselves

Dear whom it may concern,

I am Meyrick Tilley, and I have been advised to tell you a little about myself (in the third person that is, gotta make it seem professional) :

Born on the 19th September 2000 in a little town in the south of Wales, Meyrick Tilley is a Neuro-Divergent Artist, Designer, Activist and Care Giver.

From a young age, Meyrick would play with anything he could get his little hands on, from the CD player in the car, to a family PC in the hallway. He seemed to have the drive to teach himself, and become fully immersed in the area, which lead them to learning the basics of Photoshop by the age of 9, to the countless short films I created in my childhood, those in which are better left  to the imagination.

He is pleased to inform you that "that love still remains to this day." From going to the F1 in schools British Final in 2012 to winning the Bridgend Youth Short Film Project,  Meyrick Tilley is still just as immersed as they was, but now something new has entered the fold. The drive to do something good.

Coming from a family of social workers and carers, I guess it was only natural that they would be drawn towards the helping and care of others. 

After struggling with mental health issues for as long as he can remember, and with there recent diagnoses of Neurodivegancys, all in which could fill their own "About" Section including ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, some may have become overwhelmed by all this information about themselves. But for Meyrick, it only seemed to light a fire in their heart. 

Not only did he now have an explanation for the way he has always have been, but the want, more like the need, to help others in the exact  situation he was, or still was, in became their top priority.

The lack of support for those with neurodivergancys and mental health conditions is seriously troubbiling. The UK government, along with the majority of governments around the world, still do not seem to be able to actually put in place any type of relevant and meaniningfull systems that can actually help. 

And while Meyrick is far from claiming to be the "saviour of us all" and that they can "change the world",  he still feels he has a part to play in helping others, no matter how small. Whether it be from creating Art, Films or designs that challenge the norms of today's society and encourage self-expression and well-being, to the comforting and caring for those that need it in our hospitals, care homes, charities and online, his only goal in life is to make a difference, whether it be to millions of people or just to one, as when it comes to helping others, the number of which your help is irrelevant, "as long as you have done your bit".

(End of 3rd person bio to better this websites meta data)

So, that was my "About", I hope you found it illuminating rather than tedious. I will now go about the rest of my day, but I would advise you to have a nosy about my page if your interested. The content here is a little different, so it is worth a relaxing gander I would say (but I would say that, wouldn't I.)

Thank you for your precious time, that will be all,


Meyrick Tilley